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Bliss enhances your personal development by syncing seamlessly with your biometric apps, tracking your wellness, and delivering personalized lifestyle recommendations.
How MyBliss Supports You
Sync all your wearables and data-tracking apps and receive a holistic view of your current wellness.
MyBliss quantifies your wellness, delivering personalized reports that help you determine how you want to develop.
Receive personalized recommendations on activities, habits, and wellness strategies, to continously promote your growth, all based off of your data
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What Feature Do You Want Next?
Improve Your Relationships
Discover which relationships are promoting your growth and which you should strive to build with recommendations interpersonal recommendations
Track Your Development
Track the changes you're making and the impacts on their wellness
Optimize Your Character Strengths
Assess your strenghts and receive personalized tips on how to apply them to work, relationships, and your fitness.
Optimizing Your Wellness, 1 Feature At A Time
Achieving Optimal Wellness Requires Multi-dimensional Solutions
These Are Your Tools To Improve Your Life
Track your calendar events to determine which boost your mood most
Evaluate your network to determine which relationships you should emphasize and which need a little more love
Share inspirational images and quotes with your friends
Machine Learning delivers recommendations made specifically for you
Track the changes you make and the impact they have on your health
Detailed analytics show you where you've grown and next steps for continued development
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"Managing all of my wearables and tracking my personal data had grown to be a hastle. Now with MyBliss, I don't have to go through 8 apps a day - I can see everything I need to right on my bashboard!"
Jeniffer Miller
Journalist at Lifestyle Magazine

“Before I didn't know which step I should take next to improve myself. MyBliss helped me determine which habits I should make to improve my relationships and my life."
James Davis
Founder at Handy Crafty

“MyBliss allowed me to make small actionable changes each day that had huge impacts on my life! Small consistent shifts really do work!"
Laura Walker
Brand Manager at Studio
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